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My Home Town of Houston, Texas has been ravaged by Hurricane Harvey.  Being 1000 miles away from home, I feel there is little I can do.  But last night, my sister, who was housing a couple of extra families in their only Slightly soggy home, asked if I could do a t-shirt fundraiser.  Yes!  That I can do!  I have loved all the Facebook memes going around showing that all the fighting and bickering the US has been experiencing is not the “real” USA, the “real” USA are the truckloads (and Boatloads) of volunteers heading into Texas to do whatever they can to help.  The Real USA are the millions of people donating millions of dollars and mountains of supplies to help.  Our country is showing it’s true colors under stress… resilience, caring, helping, and loving.  I made a shirt that I hope captures that spirit. 


Shirts are $20 + shipping.  All of the profits (min of $10 each) from the sales of these shirts will go directly to the JJ Watt YouCaring fund.  He is already sending supplies to affected areas with the money he is bringing in.  The money going there is going as directly to the people as humanly possible.  


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