Mock ups

How do mock ups work?


When I have an idea for a project (whether it is from a client or inspiration I find in life), I begin pulling together images, font ideas, colors, etc.  I use various computer programs to find the right style I want.

I keep pictures of various pieces I have (wood/signs/boards/etc).

Once I have the design put together, I pull the background in and make final adjustments. 

And then I make a jpeg out of it.

They are as close to what the final project will look like as I can manage.  The colors are often slightly off because I can’t specifically match my vinyl colors with my online colors.  Below you will see several of my current mock ups.  The ones with the black and yellow measuring cups show the differences between one of my mock ups and an actual picture of a finished product.  I think this one is pretty close, partially because it uses an actual picture of the surface the vinyl is going on.  The “honk if a kid falls out” is a mock up using a picture of glass (not a car window, which is where it belongs)

If you have any questions, please ask!